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Emmaus is an organisation based on Christian principals, values and aims.  Serving two Church of England primary schools we use the following phrase to encapsulate our Christian vision…

Two travellers are transformed and enriched by sharing their journey with a guide.  We view our work to be similar in making a difference to future lives.  We travel together on our journey of transformation and commit our school to always being supportive, nurturing and challenging.

All in our team are committed to the Emmaus Philosophy.

As in the gospel story of two travellers who meet and are transformed and enriched by sharing part of their journey with a guide, we view our work with children to be a similar brief opportunity to make a life long difference to their future lives.

For part of the children’s life journey we will have the privilege to walk with them. During these fleeting years, we commit to ensuring that your child is enriched, challenged, supported, comforted and developed, to be the best that they can be in all that they do.

Our Founding Values:

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Inclusion
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness


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Church School Vision, Values and Aims

  • We believe that children lie at the very heart of everything that we do, each with their own talents to be shared and developed, regardless of gender, race, background, faith or ability.
  • We believe that children learn best when they are having fun, feeling happy, safe and secure within a warm welcoming and respectful environment.
  • We believe that children should be encouraged, supported, challenged and developed to realise their full potential in all aspects of their life.
  • We recognise that their childhood is fleeting, and as such every moment should be celebrated and every achievement shared.
  • We believe that our children should grow up in an environment where they can encounter the widest possible range of high quality, inspirational learning opportunities.
  • We value and encourage the links made between the school, the family at home and all in our village communities.
  • We aim for all children to become independent thinkers, lifelong learners and positive participants in the school and wider community.
  • We aim to develop positive attitudes towards personal health through physical and mental well being.
  • We aim for children to recognise and value cultural and faith diversity within the local and global community. Developing life long attributes of acceptance, respect and understanding.

Curricular Aims

The school has the following learning aims:

  • To become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • To become confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • To become responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

In addition to these national aims the school also has the following three specific aims:

  • For children to experience, recognise and come to reflect the love of God in all that they do and say.
  • For children to recognise that they live in a diverse multicultural society within a global setting.
  • For children to recognise that their choice of action affects God's world both now and for future generations - learning to develop life long habits of sustainable living.
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